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June 2008
Elementary School Project
July 2008
AGSM Site Launch
June 2009
Started Hope Scholarship program for High school students
July 2010
Added the Widows Program

“Hope Scholarship” for children in High Schools

Helping Overcome Poverty through Education(HOPE). To a poor child, education is the door to escape from the cycle of poverty. This is why the African Good Samaritan Mission has decided to provide support poor African children in rural areas who are brilliant, but can’t pay their tuition for high school, or buy books or uniform, because their parents can’t afford to pay. We hope to give them the chance to learn without worrying, and the opportunity to dream about their future. Rather than giving them fish, help us give them the tools for fishing in life. Education plays a central role in breaking the cycle of poverty. Currently the sponsorship for a child cost about $200 per year, and this keeps each child in school by providing the followings: School Fees, School Uniforms, Textbooks and School Supplies. By contributing to our HOPE scholarship fund, you are helping to remove the roadblocks that needy children often face just to attend school. You will be giving them the opportunity to work hard to make their way in the world. Education means everything. You can decide to sponsor a child through High School. You will be sent the pictures of the youth you sponsor, and the report card every term or year to show their progress. To donate please click here or go to our donation page.
Photo 1 - Hope Scholarship for sponsored high school children
Photo 2 - Sponsored Students with teachers
Photo 3 - One of the sponsored children at the next school receiving her scholarship
Photo 4 - Gboyega is a 17 year old boy in grade 12
Photo 5 - Yetunde is a 16 year old girl in grade 12
Photo 6 - Omowunmi is a 16 year old girl in grade 12
Photo 7 - Rafiu is a 16 year old boy in grade 11
Photo 8 - Dada is a 15 year old boy in grade 10
Photo 9 - Korede is a 14 years old girl in Grade 10
Photo 10 - Bunmi is a 15 years old girl in Grade 11
Photo 11 - Dami is a 17 years old girl in Grade 11
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